Privacy Notice for the Protection of Personal Data



This Privacy Notice basically states the following for Lida Turizm Ticaret Ve Sanayi Limited Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as “LİDA”), in its capacity as the data controller, shall, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law no.  6698:

 1. Which data of your precious bidders and visitors are collected, how they are used and with whom Lida may share your personal data.

 2. Your rights and requests that you may send to us in connection with your processed data, and in what way you can use these data.


 1. Your personal data processed by us and our Purpose in processing your personal data

We process your personal data below as well as the data of buyers of goods and services below on account of our contractual relations, where it is mandatory to assert, use or protect your rights, where it is mandatory to process your personal data due to Lida's legitimate purposes without causing a damage to your fundamental rights and obligations; or for the management of relevant processes to make the utmost use of goods or services offered by our company, keeping intact the reliability in our trade mark,  the management of participant relations process,  planning and executing participant satisfaction activities,  following up participant demands and complaints, execution of operations to identify financial risks of participants, following up finance and accounting operations, following up legal works and operations, planning and executing business operations, realization of effectiveness/ efficiency/ appropriateness analyses of business operations, performance of necessary operations for maintaining business continuity, corporate communication operations,  management of necessary operational activities in order to ensure that corporate operations shall be carried out in line  with corporate procedures and/ or applicable legislation, ensuring the security of corporate operations, execution of strategic planning operations, planning and execution of operational procedures, carrying out market surveys and marketing operations for sales and marketing of products and services, performance of activities for participant satisfaction, preparation of campaigns and promotions,  following up and evaluation of your requests, suggestions and complaints, completion of membership procedures as well as making membership rights available for use, handling advertisement-promotion activities,  enhancing the user experience over our web site, subject to your approval, handling of electronic and other commercial-social communication for the purposes of membership activities, execution of analyses and in-house reporting operations, handling sales of products and/ or services, ensuring that data are correct and updated, provision of data to competent authorities under the applicable legislation, or the duly performance of our obligations arising from the applicable legislation.

Our Web Site Members and Auction Participants via the Web Site

Profile/ User Data (Password)

ID Details (name, surname, TR ID No, Tax ID No)

Contact Details (telephone number, address, e-mail)

Financial Data (bank account/ IBAN data, credit card details)

Participant Transaction Details (Data about auctions bid by the participant, bids made and products purchased by her/him)

We will process such data in order to complete your membership and to save your membership details, to ensure the membership log-in,  to provide information about your membership, to perform the requirements of the membership agreement, to ensure that you will be logging in our website and/ or our mobile application without the need to enter all membership data again and to proceed with transactions without the need to enter membership credentials again; to sign contracts for our marketing/ sales operations; to issue invoices, to ensure that your orders are to be shipped to your address, to obtain a payment plan,  to solve your problems and complaints and to communicate with you regarding them if you contact us, and where necessary, to handle purchases and sales of goods and services and to provide aftermarket support services and to handle finance and accounting operations in a general sense, for the performance of the agreement.

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Our Showroom Visitors

ID details (Name and surname)

Contact details (mobile phone, office/ home phone, address, e-mail)


Security camera capture

We will process your data with the intention to ensure, first of all, the safety of you, our employees, our company, and other third parties against all potential acts, crimes or attitudes, and behaviours that may be committed, to share commercial messages upon your request, to ensure that you can benefit from personalized campaigns and promotions, and to carry out advertising and promotion processes.

 2. Our Method and Policy to Process and Transfer your Processed Personal Data

We process your CCTV captures recorded through security cameras by automatic means if you visit our showroom to check the products subject to auction physically before you  make a bid, or automatically process your personal data you provide us for contact and/ or membership forms that you will be completing during your visit to our mobile application/ to our web  site (, or we process, by automatic or non-automatic means, your personal data that appear on every order/ participant form, application forms, your requests and complaints that you will be submitting to LIDA via our general directorate, workplaces, social media channels or e-mail physically in compliance with legitimate purposes or, where necessary, upon your explicit consent, and in accordance with the terms and conditions  set out in Article 20/3 of the Constitution and Articles 5 and 6 of the Law no. 6698 for such data processing purposes that we have clearly stated above and in order to provide you, i.e.,  our participants and our visitors with better quality services, to offer our products and services above specific quality standards, to develop ourselves and to hear your suggestions and proposals and to share up-to-date auction and product details.

We process and store those data processed by us by taking appropriate administrative and technical security measures provided that they shall not be used beyond such purpose and scope defined in this Privacy Notice.

We transfer your personal data with competent private persons, our business partners and service providers (such as companies offering dispatch/ shipment, database, consultancy and similar services) upon your purchases from us, or your credit card details to relevant banks, electronic payment institutions and similar third party service providers in the event that you make your payment via credit card, or to legally competent authorities (such data that are asked from LIDA shall be transferred legally competent authorities in order to use our civil rights such as litigations and submitting a plea or reply and to perform our obligations to supply information and documentation and to carry out our further obligations) as required by our statutory obligations and in compliance with fundamental principles set out in the Law no. 6698 and subject to such terms and purposes to process your personal data as specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law no. 6698. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we shall in no event use or disclose your personal data to third parties unlawfully and with the purpose to generate commercial profit other than those circumstances required by the applicable legislation and beyond the operations listed above.

We would like to note that necessary administrative, technical and legal measures shall be taken in order to ensure the security of personal data in the event that we transfer your personal data to third parties in Turkey or abroad with the such scope defined above and for the purposes set out above.

3. Our Policy to Protect your Personal Data

The protection of your personal data is critically important for LIDA and we pay due care and diligence in order to avoid any loss of rights or unlawful situation. In this respect, in LIDA, we take necessary measures in order to protect such personal data against unauthorized access to them or their loss, erroneous use, disclosure or change or destruction.

We would like to state additionally that we undertake to keep your personal data confidential, and to take all kinds of physical, technical and administrative measures for ensuring confidentiality and security and to show maximum care and diligence,

In the event that personal data are damaged or intercepted by third parties as a result of attacks on our website or systems that we are using in the management of our operational activities despite the measures taken by us for information security, this shall be immediately notified to you and the Personal Data Protection Board and necessary measures shall be taken.


In the course of the protection of your personal data, you have the right to be informed about your personal data in your capacity as the "data subject" at all times; to have access to those data, to demand that such data should be corrected and erased and to inquire into whether or not they are used in line with that purpose. Your rights are expressly stated in Article 11 of Law no.6698 and please find below the full text of the said article.

 “Rights of the Data Subject

ARTICLE 11- (1) Everyone may apply to the data controller and may get the following information in connection with himself:

a) To learn about whether or not her/his personal data have been processed,

b) To ask for information if personal data have been processed,

c) To learn about the purpose of processing personal data and if they are used in line with their intended purpose; ç) To know about third parties in Turkey or abroad to whom personal data have been transferred;

d) If personal data have been incompletely processed or misprocessed, ask for their correction;

e) To demand that personal data are to be erased or destroyed in line with conditions and terms set out in Article 7;

f) To ask that actions taken pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) are to be notified to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred;

g) To object to a result that is against the data subject as a consequence of the analysis of processed personal data by means of exclusive automatic systems;

ğ) To demand the indemnity of her/his losses in the event that personal data are processed unlawfully."

In light of your rights above, you can apply to LIDA in writing by sending a mail to its address at “Mollafenari Mahallesi Nuruosmaniye Caddesi Gold Park Plaza No:47 Kat:5 D:12 Fatih İstanbul” or by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address at  by affixing your secure electronic signature.

Where your application made by you for these purposes requires an additional cost, you may be required to pay a such fee set out in the tariff to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board, your requests in your application shall be finalized at the latest within 30 (thirty) days following the receipt by LIDA of your application.

If you wish to get detailed information about your rights related to your data as well as your personal data under the applicable Law no. 6698 and applicable legislation, you can visit the web page of the Personal Data Protection Authority at