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This Cookie Privacy Notice basically explains the cookie policy of Lida Turizm Ticaret Ve Sanayi Limited Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as "LIDA") in its capacity as the data controller for cookies that it creates via via its Web Site ("Web Site”) in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law no.  6698, and it provides you with information for the processing of personal data collected by way of processing them such as cookies or pixels used during your visit to the Web Site.

What are cookies?

Like many other websites, we use cookies to help you use the Web Site in the most efficient and rapid way and to enhance your user experience.

Cookies are tiny text bits sent by the website that you visit on your computer or mobile device to your browser and help your device remember details about your visits, and in more plain words, your browsing details such as website preferences or profile data (for instance, the language that you prefer or other personal settings). Cookies shall be uploaded by your Internet browser when you visit the website and stored in your device through which you log in to the website.

Cookies are required to make it easier for you to browse during your visits and to make the website user-friendly and they do not cause any harm to your device.

Types of cookies used in our Web Page, Our Purpose to use Cookies, and the way they are used

- Mandatory cookies:  Mandatory cookies are those ones that are embedded in your device during your visit to the Web Site and are required to ensure the smooth operation of the online services offered. Descriptive data required for the use of such cookies are processed as data. These cookies are used for certain purposes such as security and verification, may not be used for marketing purposes, and do not identify you. Where these cookies are disabled, this may render all services or functions or any part of them useless. We carry out the processing of mandatory descriptive data during the use of these cookies. These processing activities are carried out subject to the following data processing condition as set out in Article 5 of the PDPL: "where the processing of personal data of contractual parties are required on the condition that it is directly related to the execution or performance of a contract."

- Performance Cookies: Performance cookies help us track and analyse the number of visitors to the Web Site. Thanks to these cookies, statistical data such as which areas of the Web Site are most frequently or rarely visited are visited. This way, the Web Site use traffic as well as the interaction of visitors with our website are monitored. These cookies do not identify you as well. The data of your visits are collected in an anonymous way. If you allow the use of these cookies, you will be contributing to improve our Web Site and enhance our operations. Your data about these cookies are processed on the following data processing condition under Article 5 of the PDPL: "Provided not to cause any harm to fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, it is mandatory to process data for the legitimate interests of the data controller."

-Functionality cookies:  Those cookies are necessary to perform specific functions in the use of the Web Site and to remember your preferences about these functions to help you have a personal convenience in use. For example, functionality cookies are used to remember your language or regional preferences or to save your settings about the use of cookies. Functionality cookies may contain data that you may identify such as user name in order to remember you and your preferences and that is what sets it apart from the first two types of cookies. If you do not allow the use of this kind of cookies, this will lead to the deactivation of a feature specific to you and/ or remember your preferences. Processing operations under these cookies are carried out subject to your explicit consent under Article 5 of the PDPL.

 -Personalized Advertisement Cookies:

These are used to display personalized product or service promotions in alignment with the viewing history as well as and Internet use profile of our visitors on the Web Site or other websites and channels. In summary, these cookies are used to offer you such contents and campaigns that are most closely related to you and your areas of interest. They may also be used to offer targeted advertisements or to restrict the number of displays of an advertisement to you. These cookies may be used to promote a product uniquely for you, to display personalized advertisements or to measure the effectiveness of advertisement campaigns. Identifying details for targeting, profile making, marketing or direct advertising for target audience purposes that we may carry out during the use of these cookies are carried out subject to explicit consent under Article 5 of the PDPL. 

To sum up, we store and use the cookies above for the following purposes:

  • To improve and enhance the Web Site,
  • To personalize our Products in line with your preferences,
  • To enhance the Web Site performance.

The information about the cookies that we use to collect data about your browsing history shall be provided by means of a pop-up screen that will be displayed during your first log-in with the Web Site.

LIDA uses the data collected through cookies in line with the Privacy Notice for Personal Data Processing, and you can block the use of functionality, performance and marketing cookies in the way described in this Privacy Notice (the relevant section is provided below).

How are cookies turned off?

You can personalize your cookie preferences by changing the settings of your browser by which you visit the Web Site. If the browser that you are using allows you to change settings, it is then possible to change your cookie preferences over the browser settings.  We would like to note at that point that means offered by browsers may be different. Despite this difference and in general terms, data subjects have the means to block the use of cookies, to prefer to receive warnings before the use of cookies or to disable or erase some cookies. You can have access to general information about the use of such means and differences in browsers by visiting

We would like to note that you may be required to set your cookie preferences specifically for every single device over which you have access to the Web Site separately.

Moreover, if you reject temporary session cookies that are used during your visit to the Web Site, you can continue to use the Web Site but you may be denied certain functions of the website or have restricted access.

In order to turn off the cookies:

  • You can set the following option in the browser setting in Chrome: "Settings/Privacy/Content Settings/ Disable Cookie use. 
  • For Internet Explorer users, please use the following options: "Options/ Internet Settings/Privacy/ Settings
  • For Firefox users, please use the following options: "Tools/ Options/ Privacy/ Cookie acceptance method/until Firefox is closed."

Where you have access to the Web Site over mobile devices, you can use the settings menu of the mobile device to manage cookies.

Your rights about your personal data

In your capacity as the "data subject" in the course of the protection of your personal data, you have the right to be informed about your personal data, to have access to such data, to ask that these will be corrected or erased and to inquire into whether or not they are used in line with their intended purpose. Your rights are expressly stated in Article 11 of the Law no.6698 and please find below the full text of the said article.

 “Rights of the Data Subject

ARTICLE 11- (1) Everyone may apply to the data controller and may get the following information in connection with herself/himself:

a) To learn about whether or not her/his personal data have been processed,

b) To ask for information if personal data have been processed,

c) To learn about the purpose of processing personal data and if they are used in line with their intended purpose; ç) To know about third parties in Turkey or abroad to whom personal data have been transferred;

d) If personal data have been incompletely processed or misprocessed, ask for their correction;

e) To demand that personal data are to be erased or destroyed in line with conditions and terms set out in Article 7;

f) To ask that actions taken pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) are to be notified to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred;

g) To object to a result that is against the data subject as a consequence of the analysis of processed personal data by means of exclusive automatic systems;

ğ) To demand the indemnity of his losses in the event that personal data are processed unlawfully."

In light of your rights above, you can apply to LIDA in writing by sending a mail to its address at “Mollafenari Mahallesi Nuruosmaniye Caddesi Gold Park Plaza No:47 Kat:5 D:12 Fatih İstanbul” or by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address at  by affixing your secure electronic signature.

Where your application made by you for these purposes requires an additional cost, you may be required to pay a such fee set out in the tariff to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board, your requests in your application shall be finalized at the latest within 30 (thirty) days following the receipt by LIDA of your application.


LİDA may change this Privacy Notice at all times. These changes shall be immediately effective upon the publication of these new and amended provisions and/ or policies. In the case of such a change, our visitors and members shall be duly informed.