Packaging and Cargo



  1. The Company shall deliver to the Buyer the good that is put up to auction at the latest within 30 (thirty) days following the date on which the auction is closed.


  1. Bare gems and similar products are boxed and packaged with holograms, and any jewels lacking holograms shall be delivered to the Buyer in boxed and packaged form.


  1. The goods purchased at the auction shall be delivered to the Buyer through Loomis, Brinks, or other similar companies that offer transportation services in armoured vehicles.


  1. The Product shall be delivered to the Buyer at the preferred Delivery Address that had been previously notified by the Buyer to the Company, or to such Person who has been previously designated and notified by the Buyer to the Company at the same address against an ID check.
  1. Even if the Buyer or the Recipient cannot be reached at the delivery address, the Company shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligation in full and complete form. For this reason, the Buyer shall bear all losses arising from the late receipt of the product as well as expenses arising from the fact that the product has been kept waiting at the cargo company premises and/ or from the return of the cargo to the Company.
  2. If the Buyer chooses the Company's showroom as the Delivery Address, the Buyer shall inform the Company about the delivery date and time, and the Company shall keep the product ready in the showroom on such date and at such time to be determined for delivery to the Recipient.
  1. For deliveries in the showroom, the Buyer or the person who has been designated by the Buyer to the Company in advance for picking up the product shall visit the showroom and take the delivery of goods physically in accompaniment of documents and information verifying his identity. Where the identity verification cannot be carried out, the Company reserves its right to refuse to deliver the good or to keep the delivery until the verification of identity.
  1. If products cannot be delivered to the Recipient and in such manner committed by the Company or within such designated term due to the Buyer’s negligence and/ or fault, no liability may be attributable to the Company on account of the allegation that the delivery has not taken place in agreed conditions, and the Buyer may not claim any sum from the Company for losses, damages, compensation or other sums under any name whatsoever.
  2. The cargo fee which represents the costs for the delivery of products shall not be included in the bid price offered by the Buyer.  The Buyer shall further pay the cargo fee together with the product cost.