Auction Rules



The Company: Lida Turizm Tic. Ve San.Ltd.Şti based at the address of Gold Park Plaza, Mollafenari Mahallesi Nuruosmaniye Caddesi No: 47 Kat: 5 Daire: 12, 34120 Fatih/ Istanbul is engaged in online auction organizations via its web site at and shall be hereinafter referred to as the "Company".

The Web Site: means the online web site where various services and contents are offered within the frame set and defined by

Buyer: means the Member who purchases goods offered for sales by making use of the Services offered at the web site.

Product: means the goods sold at the auction.

Showroom: means the exhibition centre/ store of the Company at the address of Gold Park Plaza, Mollafenari Mahallesi Nuruosmaniye Caddesi No: 47 Kat: 5 Daire: 12, 34120 Fatih/Istanbul.


  1. In order to bid in online auctions, it is strictly required to sign up at the address
  2. Works offered in online auctions shall be first exhibited in the showroom at the address of Gold Park Plaza, Mollafenari Mahallesi Nuruosmaniye Caddesi No: 47 Kat: 5 Daire: 12, 34120 Fatih/Istanbul on the date they are first displayed in the Web Site before their sales. A member may visit the showroom before bidding in the auction to check and examine the product.
  3. The display of the product on the website is a preparation for an online auction and no work shall be sold over the Web Site until the auction day.
  4. The published price of a product offered for Online Auction shall not be its sales value but the starting auction price.
  5. A price in an online auction shall be increased by clicking the button "BID PRICE". A buyer shall be bound by his/her bid offered by it in the online auction. A good that is put up for auction shall be awarded to the highest bidder as of the auction ending time that the Company sets in advance. 
  6. Price increments by which each click on the "BID PRICE" button in an online auction increases the value shall vary depending on the characteristics/ nature of the good. The Company shall have the discretion to define and change the range and values of these price increments.
  7. The auction will continue until the end of the time set for the good by bidding prices and as soon as the time expires, the highest bidder shall win the auction.
  8. The Buyer may not assert for any reason whatsoever that the auction is null and void.
  9. Where the Buyer is a legal person and creates a membership by clicking the "Corporate User" on the Web Site, the person who signs the Online Auction Product Purchase Agreement shall have accepted, represented, and undertaken that s/he is authorized to execute and take this kind of action for the legal entity; that unless s/he is authorized, then s/he shall be personally liable for all consequences of her/his present/future actions (unauthorized membership to the  Web Site, unauthorized actions, bidding and buying under this membership account beyond any authority, etc.).
  10. The Company shall be entitled at all times to withdraw any good from the auction, to make add-on sales, to divide main goods from ancillary ones (for instance a jewellery set) and to offer them for sales as individual items.
  11. If a buyer participates and bids in the online auction, this shall mean that s/he has read and accepted all information clauses. The Buyer may not make any objection of fault following the awarding of the sale on such grounds that he was not aware of information clauses or other arguments.